Blair County Golf is the most comprehensive and technologically advanced club fitting center in our region and one of Golf Digest Best Club Fitting Centers in America. We have won national awards from PING and Callaway as well as named a Mizuno Top 100 fitting center in 2015.

We have two certified OEM club fitters specializing in fitting clubs for PING, Callaway, TaylorMade, Mizuno, Cleveland, Cobra, Adams, Wilson, Tour Edge and Titleist.

Our club fitting systems are the most advanced offered by the manufacturers. By utilizing Flightscope advanced fitting software we are able to study ball flight in relation to launch angle, spin rate, angle of attack, and direction as well as shaft load, and other important factors then correlate findings with golf swing tendencies. Many times during a club fitting session we may note simple swing flaws that when corrected may change the flight pattern tendencies of the golf ball in the air.

John Madey is on staff with PING and has been named PING Club Fitter of the year in 2012 and 2014. In 2015 John was inducted into Callaway Golf's Sales Hall of Fame. John specializes in fitting PING golf equipment. Blair County Golf is one of the few fitting centers in the country using PING’s N-Flight computer fitting software. PING club fitting carts carry a wide array of adjustable technology “fitting” club heads and shafts to enhance the fitting experience.

Jonathan Madey is on staff with Callaway Golf, fitting clubs for both Blair County Golf and ClubFit Tour Vans, LLC., specializing in fitting Callaway Golf equipment. We utilize Callaway Golf’s custom club fitting cart with adjustable “fitting” club heads and shaft technology.

Both Jon and Jonathan are certified club fitters for PING, Callaway, TaylorMade, Cobra, Mizuno, Titleist, Tour Edge, Wilson, Tour Edge, Cleveland and Adams golf. We use “fitting” club heads and shafts or demo clubs from these manufacturers. Although our club fitters are on staff with particular companies we will recommend clubs from other manufacturers if we feel they are better suited for your game.

At Blair County Golf we fit clubs “across systems”. We may use PING’s static measurement system for fitting club length and then perform a face impact study to look at club length as well. Although static club length is generally accurate other factors such as lumbar spine, hip and knee problems can affect the static measurements accuracy. Hand measurements are also made to determine grip size. Of course hands that are arthritic may require larger grips than normal.

We also use Mizuno’s award winning “Shaft Optimizer” technology to aid us in determining shaft flex, type, and load measurements. Using Mizuno’s software and “computerized” club a number of measurements are acquired. We also can use direct radar measurements to determine club head speed as well. This is used in conjuction with Flight Scope technology.

Although Mizuno’s system can help determine lie angle, we feel its best to perform an impact study while observing ball flight. We have “adjustable” club heads and shafts from most major manufacturers fitting systems to determine the club with the proper lie angle.

We can also “retro-fit” your current set of golf clubs to better suite your game.

Golf Club Fitting is Free if You Purchase Clubs from Us!